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Window well filled with water? What to do.

Super common water damage that we see. See the video on out YouTube Channel.

For video click here-

Hey, this is Mike with 24 Hr Flood Response. Just wanted to show you pretty common flood. We see outside either sprinkler breaks or hoses left on, fills up the window. Well, and in this case, it's about 12 inches higher than the window sill and so on this one we can see where the paint's bubbling. So it's pretty obvious that the water came not only behind this and behind the wall behind the insulation down the foundation, but it also flowed over, and came down and bubbled this paint. It’s a little bubbled over here as well. And so most of the time when people run into this problem they come in and dry the carpet and they dry the pad and they think it's good. The problem we have is, most of the time on an exterior wall. There's going to be insulation and that insulation will hold that water and then as it holds that water that's when molds going to want to grow. So if you do run into this kind of problem water is coming in for a window, even if you don't see it on this side, Chances are followed that foundation wall, which was cut comes down and then went behind the wall behind. The insulation is made that wet super important that you cut this out to be able to expose that insulation and all that with structure that you can't get to from this side. So just thought I'd give you that tip. Thanks.

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