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How to locate hidden mold. Chap goes to College!! MOLD DETECTION DOG?

We are so excited to get Chap (Chaplain) back from college (Mold Detection School) and get him out here working on finding mold. Yes, a dog can be trained to find hidden mold. This works behind walls, floors, in ceilings jut about anywhere mold can hide. We get a lot of phone calls from people who can smell mold but can not see any signs of visible mold or any signs of water intrusion. This is a great time to get Chap in to help locate it. Here is an video I made with Matt Skogan the Detection trainer.

See the entire video on our YouTube video. Click here-

"Hey, it's Mike Fisher. With 24 Hr. Flood Response. I am here in Kansas City. Actually, just south of Kansas City with Matt's Skogan. He is a detection dog trainer. He's actually the owner of Ironheart Performance Working Dogs and has been has 30 years. Of experience and detection and personal protection. And police. He was a, he started off as a policeman, probably see all the dogs. There's many of the dogs. He's changed or some of them that he's trained in the past. It's good to be here with you, Matt. We're here. We're dropping Chap off and he's going to train Chap in mold detection. So right behind us, you can see we have some of these here are some of the kind of, he mentioned to me. This is kind of like the kindergarten or preschool. Detection work where he kind of starts at dog. I have a couple of videos You'll see in a few seconds of some dogs working that are also in the training mode and those aren't necessarily mold dogs. That could be. That could be narcotics. That could be bedbugs mold explosives, all kinds of different things. Yeah. So we're dropping him off for three months and three months will come back. You'll be a totally new dog. And he'll be ready to start looking for mold trying to find the mold is hidden in walls, hidden in cupboards. If you can't, if you feel like you have mold in your house and you can't figure out where it's coming from rather than just getting an Airborne sample from a regular. Mold inspector Chap will come in here and pinpoint where the mold is and then from there we'll we can then take those samples and open up those walls and get that taken care of. So now you've had 30 years doing this. And they have a really awesome facility. I'm sure you'll see that on the video as well and they you specialize. Most are you're doing more of what kind of detection right now, just this month, this month probably been more law enforcement related, but we were heavily involved in the pest control industry as well with bed bugs and such cool. Alright, well, we'll keep you updated. We're hoping to get some videos of him as he's getting better and, and Come along will cup you, keep you updated. If you are looking to find where mold is or you'd like to have Chap come out and see your house. Give us a call. Let's set up an appointment."

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