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Leak in the basement from the foundation. What to know and what to address.

We ran into a client that had water at the bottom of his stairs. And also water was coming through on a pantry with a wood floor. See how we made sure everything got dry so no mold could grow.

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"Hi, it's Mike Fisher. A 24-hour flood response. Here again for another tip on dry out. In this case, homeowner came in found that the floor as they step down off. The stairs was wet and didn't know where it came from. And so, we have, since we started this job. We took out the pad. We also took out the baseboard and it's still wet. And we, we started drying it. But you can see the good news is, you can see that the drywall is hung, right? So. Off the ground. That's probably a half inch to three quarters of an inch. So that's good in some cases. However, what we when we took out the other room which had cabinets and then it had this wood floor and then the it was wet, just in this side of this room, which it was really lucky. So we don't have to take out the floor, throughout this big family room. But what we found is the water came from the main in the house, so coming into the house. Now, we're not a hundred percent. Sure. We had some huge rains here recently and we're not, we're not a hundred percent. Not sure if that's water from saturation from the ground, or if that's water from a broken pipe or something like that. But right here, you can see. We've got about 3 inches of space in between the sill plate and the foundation. And so when that water comes down here, it's got like a river to run through, right? It's going to come out into the room a bit, harder to get through. It's easier this foundation in between the sill plate and the foundation. And so right here. This is the wall that into the The area that we were just looking at with the carpet. And so what we found of these sill plates. This one is wet just So it must have built up on some got through there and on top there it was behind the sill plate. on top of the insulation. So what we'll do right now and it is about an inch wet, just the insulation, touching the ground. So what will come in and do is, we'll take out some in some drywall in this other room and we're going to, at first, we're going to see If we can't keep it and that will prevent us from having to paint up here. But if we can keep that cut down here, we can get all the water and we can find where We can dry that out. And we're not having to worry about mold or anything like that. So that's where we're hoping. It doesn't. Just keep going. There's a possibility it does. But we're hoping because of the amount of water here that that's where it is. Then we'd have to go in under the stairs and find out how to get to that. So there's a tip to keep yourself safe and not have mold grow."

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