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What to know about drying wood floors. Crowned, Cupped, Buckled, Warped and Bloated Floors.

When water gets under a wood floor you need to do more than dry the top of the floor with fans. How to get water out from beneath the wood floor. Water under wood floors can be saved by using the right equipment.

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"Okay. I'm at a house that had some masonry guys come in and they put down Ram Board. It's this protective coating or protective paper for the wood floor. And then they threw down their plywood to protect it as they had their scaffolding up and stuff like that. Well, the plywood was wet. And so I don't know it's hard to see now, there that floor started to cup up because that moisture so Ryan and Glenn here are putting on the pads. So that we can get that moisture out of that wood and so it will all lay down again. This is doing a renovation at this house. And so the how the floors were just recently redone days before they started doing the masonry. So just coming in. We're going to set up these mats get suck air through the mats through this machine and then and we're able to dry the floor even though the subfloor when wood gets wet their wood floors get wet. We have a dehumidifier here to just keeping that are nice and dry and then we'll come back. We'll check it. We actually sink a little tiny little nails right into the wood and we're able to read it with our meter all the way through to see if the subfloors fixed as well. So just kind of showing you a wood floor save. right there. So we set up that injectidry system which is sucking that are through these different panels. So there's this panel right here and then all opposite this way. So that's kind of what we're looking at that'll sit there and suck that air through these hoses through this machine and out so that we can get that dry."

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