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How to get water out from under a flooded wood floor?

We are showing you how we remove the water underneath the hardwood floor to be able to dry the floor and prevent mold from growing. If you allow water to sit underneath your floors for an extended period of time it will warp, cup, crown, buckle or destroy your floors. If you try to dry the floor with fans and dehumidifiers by blowing them across the floor you may overdry the top and not address the subfloor or concrete below the floor. We use a method that sucks the water out and then sucks air through the same panels to dry your subfloor and the wood floor at the same time.

View the video on out Yo9uTube channel. Click here-

"Okay, so we're here at a Resort up to the mountains of Utah and they had water under this floor. They came from the roof came in through this utility closet and then flowed under the wood floor. So we're going to come in and we're going to suck out the water before we set up this wood floor drying system we have which sucks everything through these mats you'll see, so just wanted to show you... we just did it. And then I said why the world didn't I take a video of that so I'm just going to go ahead and do it again. Throw it on it might not be as drastic as it was but we'll throw this on and I'll show you kind of what kind of water we go out of here. We had it all going for about 5 minutes already. We extracted from here to here, but we flipped it around and then we're going to pull out. We hooked up the hose to suck out the water that is trapped underneath the wood. You can see the water being pulled up and racing through the panel. We will be able to remove the standing water with this method. Here's another section of that wood floor and we went ahead and put the mats down and sucked it up with a Shop-Vac just to get the excess standing water out from beneath the wood floor and on top of the concrete floor. In this case, in many cases, it's a subfloor. So it's in wood on top of the wood and so by pulling this water out of that then we're able to keep set up more mats. To cover the whole area that's wet and then we set up our equipment to pull air through there, warm dry air and that dries the subfloor and the wood floor without over-drying the wood floor because we're just blowing air on top of it. So this is the proper way to get a wood floor dry without over-drying the top would the actual wood floor." Flooded basement, 24 hr Flood Response, Utah, Salt Lake City,

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