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When You Need Mold Removal in Bountiful, UT

When You Need Mold Removal in Bountiful, UT


Humid basements, leaking roofs, and sweating pipes: all of these can lead to widespread mold within your home. While it may not seem like a serious problem, black mold cannot be simply cleaned up with a rag and some bleach or other cleaning product. This may temporarily take care of the problem, but, rest assured, that mold will return. This makes professional Mold Removal in Bountiful, UT essential. If left untreated, black mold can spread throughout your home, threatening the structural integrity of your home as it slowly eats away at flooring, walls, and support structures. Even worse, black mold can cause serious health problems, such as respiratory ailments and chronic coughing, rashes, lung infections, and even chronic neurological issues. In serious instances, black mold has resulted in homes being declared unfit to live in and requiring them to be torn down.


Mold often exists in places where it cannot be seen, such as within walls, underneath carpeting and other flooring, and beneath and behind large appliances, such as refrigerators and dishwashers. Professional mold mitigation experts, such as ourselves, know exactly where mold is most likely to be within your home and a simple inspection can provide quick confirmation as to the extent of mold damage within your home and what measures need to be taken for a thorough Mold Removal in Bountiful, UT.


If you have found or suspect mold damage within your home, do not hesitate to call us. Every minute, one square inch of mold emits millions of spores into the air -further contaminating your home and effecting your health. We offer a 24 hour response time and work quickly for Mold Removal in Bountiful, UT. You don't need to suffer the effects of black mold any longer. Call us for a free quote for your mold mitigation today.