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When Water Damage in West Jordan, UT Happens

When Water Damage in West Jordan, UT Happens



Water Damage in West Jordan, UT occurs in many ways. The cause of this can range from flooding, sewer backups, water heater break downs, leaking pipes and even leaks from the roof when the rains are coming down. This damage presents itself in many ways, as well. If there is standing water, walls, floors and, if this is on an upper level, the ceilings below this are all compromised. Water will be absorbed by all building materials, such as wood or drywall. For wood, whether on the walls or flooring, the damage will start out as warping and cloudy finishes.


This can change very rapidly into a musty, earthy smell that might indicate molds. Molds are its own problems but the water that brings the molds spores in is also water helps feed this fungus. Water Damage in West Jordan, UT repair is the removal of anything that has been damaged from the home and cleaned up or disposed of. Water damage repair means drywall, wood and other materials that have become deteriorated from the exposure to the water is torn out and new material is installed in its place. This means a swelled piece of wallboard or the entire sheet is removed and a new piece is cut, shaped and nailed back in place.


Water Damage in West Jordan, UT means badly stained, wet and warped wood flooring is removed and replaced by new material. It also refers to anything else that has been impacted in a negative way, such as that nice baseboard decoration or that crown molding that really set the rest of the room off. Water damage restoration goes just a few steps beyond that. The repair work is absolutely necessary and we do that on a 24/7 basis, even in an emergency situation. The restoration means to do everything in our experience, and it is very inclusive, to make your home look the way it is supposed to look, smell the way it is supposed to smell and is a healthy place to live, again. It is the total package of demolition, replacement, and fine detail work that makes your home look like it has not been involved in this disaster in the first place.