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When Sewer Backup in Draper, UT Happens

When Sewer Backup in Draper, UT Happens


Unfortunately, Sewer Backup in Draper, UT can happen anywhere, and at any time but there are a few signs you can look out for. The stormy summer season is a big one for drain problems, between heat, humidity and an influx of rain water, main sewers tend to get backed up and often clogged which in turn can cause damage to the surrounding homes. Here are three key warning signs of a sewer backup in your home.


When you flush your toilet, or as water goes down the sink, if you notice bubbles forming, that's an indication the water is trying to work its way around a clogged drain and Sewer Backup in Draper, UT. An unpleasant odor coming from any of your drains is a sign. It is typically most noticeable when you first turn the faucet on, at the very first release of water. If you have noticed your bathtub is slow to drain once it's filled, this is a signal there may be a sewer backup.


Though there are many other possible indicators of a sewer backup in your home, these three signs can be tested by you. If you recreate these scenarios by flushing a toilet, turning on the faucet, or draining the bathtub and notice one or more of these are happening in your home, it is time to call a professional before the problem worsens. You can call our Sewer Backup in Draper, UT anytime you need.