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If you have had the bad luck to have a major appliance fail in your kitchen area you will need the professional assistance of our West Jordan, UT Water Repair Service technicians to set things right again. Whether your dishwasher hoses sprung a leak or your garbage disposal overflowed under the sink and cabinets you have not only the mop up to manage but also the secondary destruction of flooring and fixtures to content with. Many families have their washer and dryer in or near the kitchen area, risking a clogged drain or flood of water from a leaky seal in a front loader. Maybe the supply line to an ice maker cracks or a power outage defrosts a freezer, dripping water when you least expect it. The kitchen can be a major source of water damage repair issues.


We can be onsite at your home quickly if you are experiencing a kitchen water disaster. A 24 hour response means we are on the job fast, mitigating water damage before the moisture becomes complicated with contamination. Do not wait to have an inspection of your kitchen after water has damaged areas as food particles and hidden moist areas you may miss on your own can easily turn relatively clean water into gray or black water, resulting in health concerns for you and your family.


Water migrates and you need to be sure that all moisture has been eliminated after a kitchen flood caused by an appliance overflowing or leaking. Built in cabinets and flooring materials can harbor wet areas that may support further structural damage to your home if they are not professionally dried and a West Jordan, UT Water Repair Service plan followed. We are experts in returning your kitchen back to its pre-loss condition, restoring and maintaining a safe and health environment for your family and friends.