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We Specialize in Mold Mitigation in Orem, UT

We Specialize in Mold Mitigation in Orem, UT


Mold is bad. We do not need to tell you that because you have read many of the stories in the newspaper from years back what they can do to a happy family, just like yours, when mold begins to take over. You read or have heard from others that many medical conditions are made worse because of the dangers inherent in this organism that can take possession of your home in a fairly short amount of time. What we can tell you, at this point, is what is involved in Mold Mitigation in Orem, UT and why we do what we do.


You will probably get an idea that you may have mold when you smell a damp, rather earthy, smell coming from any number of locations throughout your house. This may be from behind a wall, your basement, a closet and even under the flooring in the bathroom or kitchen. You may already know that mold needs only a few things in which to grow. This includes moisture, possibly from a leaky pipe or roof, maybe even a water heater that had some maintenance done to it recently. The presence of that smell should cause you to call us to come and do what we do which can be summed up as: amazing and fast. We are available 24 hours a day because this type of Mold Mitigation in Orem, UT does not observe normal working hours.


We come in and make a complete inspection of your entire structure, first. Any molds present will be located and isolated from the rest of the home. This is to keep any mold spores from floating into those areas and infecting them. After this operation, the cleaning begins. This may include removing building materials that have been infected to the point that they can not be cleaned properly. This is usually the case for drywall and wood floors, as well as carpets,, although we try very hard to ensure these expensive floor coverings are dried out and sanitized. We locate the source of any water coming in and deal with that and proceed to clean, repair and repaint any surfaces damaged by this unfortunate event. Giving you back a clean, safe and healthy home makes us proud and happy about what we do every day. If you need Mold Mitigation in Orem, UT call us today.