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There are probably plenty of things you would rather have to happen to your home than to experience a sewer backup. No matter what you know about this event, you can only image the mess and dangerous elements this will introduce into your home. Our Sewer Backup Service in Sandy is here to tell you that we know what we are doing when it comes to a sewer backup situation. The first thing that happens is the dirty, waste water comes up through the drains. It begins in the bathtub or shower drain, simply because it is closest to the source. In advanced stages, it can also come out of the sinks in the bathroom, kitchen and/or the laundry room.


What makes this a particularly dangerous event is what is in the wastewater. The material that is suspended in the water will definitely contain germs and bacteria. It will bring with any material that is dislodged from the sides of the pipe and stuff that has been allowed to enter the sewer system, anywhere along the street for your service. What causes this sewer backup is anything but nice. It can be a large piece of something that temporarily clogs the rather large pipe in front of your house. It might also be something that causes a restricted flow within your house, usually in the basement or crawlspace.


Another danger this represents is what this dirty, often disease-ridden, water can do to the inside of your home. It can get absorbed by drywall and wooden floors. It can make these swell and become unsightly, not to mention rather smelly. It can also bring all of this into your home where you definitely do not want it to be. This is where our Sewer Backup Service in Sandy comes as we will show up very soon after you call us and get to work removing the dirty water, drying the house out and betting things such as carpets and furniture cleaned up. Some items, like drywall, may not be able to be saved, but these can be removed and new construction will happen to bring you back to a clean, safe and, once again, healthy home.