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Water Restoration in Salt Lake City, UT a Specialized Skill

Water Restoration in Salt Lake City, UT a Specialized Skill


There are so many reasons for the presence of water damage in your home that a short list is still fairly long. The need for Water Restoration in Salt Lake City, UT, whenever this happens, should be considered a no-brainer. An extremely short list is: Leaking roof Leaking pipe, either in the basement or on an upper floor. Water heater breaking or leaking Faucet working too well and not being able to be shut off. Sewer backup Flood from a river or stream close by. Overflowing bathtub, toilet or sink.


And if any of these happen when you are away from the house, the damage can be greater because you were not there to catch it and take steps. The best step to take, of course, is to call a Water Restoration in Salt Lake City, UT company, such as ours to come and get you out of this mess (literally.) Water, when it is allowed to roam through your home, will get everywhere. That means all across the floor, behind the walls and even below the flooring, as well as getting all carpeting soaked. This liquid will become absorbed into the building materials and cause them to bulge and, after a fairly short amount of time, can actually fall off of the studs they are attached to. Wood furniture will also soak up water and, if this is water from a sewer backup, will also bring in various diseases, germs and bacteria you do not even want to think about.


When our Water Restoration in Salt Lake City, UT is called, at any time of the day or night, we arrive with the equipment, experience and supplies to handle whatever has happened. We get to work with an inspection to see where the water is and where it has been. We begin the process of cleaning the air by evacuated it from the space through the use of large fans. We get right at the standing water through powerful vacuums and tools that allow us to remove this water from carpets and other fabrics. We also use air freshening systems that most people do not have in their homes to clear the bad air and sanitizing agents to see that your home is clean, safe and ready for your family and friends.