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Water Damage Restoration in Provo, UT

Water Damage Restoration in Provo, UT


When water damage occurs, it can be a stressful situation. There are several different reasons that can cause water damage to happen. This type of destruction can happen too when floodwater getting into the home, or a water line could bust. Any scenario that involves water can be a cause of potential water damage. It can be very overwhelming when your home and personal belongings are covered in water. Mold can set in quickly because of the moisture from the water on walls, furniture, and ceilings. There are several steps to begin Water Damage Restoration in Provo, UT and get your home back to normal.


The first part of the Water Damage Restoration in Provo, UT process is to remove the excess water from the home. A pump can be used to remove most of the water. It is designed to suck up the water and pump it out of the saturated area. Once the majority of the water is eliminated; the rest of the water can be removed with a wet vacuum. The wet vacuum works like a regular vacuum and is designed to suck up the water into a container. When the container is full it can be emptied.


The personal belongings and items that can be restored through a process of cleaning and drying. Clothes can be washed and items can be scrubbed down with bleach to reduce mold from growing. If the water damage has affected walls and flooring; then replacement may be needed. To do this wall panels may need to be removed and replaced with fresh drywall. Carpet on the floor can be pulled up to allow the flooring to dry out. If flooring boards need to be replaced, then that process can be started as well. It can take time, but after the water damage restoration process is complete; the home will be back to normal. If you have any Water Damage Restoration in Provo, UT questions call us today.