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In order to understand the absolute danger you are facing when flood damage happens to your home, let's look at some of the things that will and can happen. Regardless of where the water is coming from, it is there and it must be dealt with quickly. Just the presence of the water will do much damage to the building materials. For this reasons, part if the recovery plan for your home will include removing parts of that building material that has been contaminated. Our South Jordan Water Restoration will have to happen as fast as the flood has occurred. The water, whether from a local stream or river, a burst pipe in the basement or on an upper floor, a loose connection to or from the water heater or simply a faucet in kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, must be located and removed quickly.


The flood damage that can happen is the absorption of this liquid into the organic materials, such as drywall, wood furniture and even clothing, fabrics on furniture and carpets as well as area rugs. This absorption will cause warping in some cases, swelling on others and will help molds grow in many of those same and different locations. Most of the water will puddle in the lowest parts of the house and behind things, such as those walls. This makes it worse as some of he dangerous elements that have come into your house is now hidden. Calling us will assist in finding all of these spaces, because of the special equipment we utilize to locate water, moisture and organisms and the places that are perfect for their growth.


The removal of the standing water and the vacuuming up of all of the rest of the water and moisture, hidden for the most part, will begin immediately while dehumidifiers will be set up to get the very air dry to help prevent further problems. Flood damage can be hidden so our South Jordan Water Restoration has to get into those hidden spaces.