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Representing about one-third of natural disasters and more than half of the deaths related to these events in the world, floods are among one of the worst manifestations of the wrath of nature. The direct and indirect consequences of floods vary from property damage to irreversible changes in the ecosystem. For its sheer unpredictability, the high costs of maintenance of flood control systems and at times lack of education about the essentials of proper preparation, most people who suffer through a flood are only able to confront its devastating consequences. Our Orem, UT Flood Damage Repair team and damage restoration professionals have a 24 hour response time and will reach you as soon as you place a call to us.


Here are some of the situations where you might need our help with damage and destruction to your home and property caused by a flood: In some cases, floods pose the same risks as a car accident. Floods, especially in urban areas, may result in minor or irreparable damage to vehicles. While structural damage to the exterior and interior of your car is obvious and can be repaired immediately, but when electrical and security systems are compromised, the damage will manifest itself later. Corrosion could appear some time later and electrical wiring could get weakened as a result of immersion in water.


Flooding can cause extensive damage to housing, affecting from the foundation to the roof, which also affects the walls and baseboards. In addition to structural damage, mold, germs and other disease-causing bacteria can spread in places that have not been cleaned and dried immediately. While water systems could be intact, nothing guarantees that the contaminants would not have entered the pipes. Flooding can cause blockages in drains and sewer systems, causing serious health concerns. Our Orem, UT Flood Damage Repair can be here to help.