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Tips for Sewer Backup in Spanish Fork, UT

Tips for Sewer Backup in Spanish Fork, UT


If water inundates a sewer system, this can cause major problems in the buildings that the sewer system serves. One of the most unpleasant (but common) outcomes is a backup of water into your basement. This can also affect your drinking water and become a major hassle to clean up. Let's take a look at the first steps you should take when you notice that your home's sewer system has backed up into your home. Don't flush the toilets. Why? Because you're only adding to the Sewer Backup in Spanish Fork, UT. Get animals and kids out of the house if possible.


If you can't ship them to Grandma's house or to a friend, definitely keep them out of the basement and out of the bathrooms until the damage has been repaired. If standing water has collected near electrical outlets, go right to the circuit box and shut off power to the house. Call the water department. If you live on a municipal sewer system, your first call should be to our Sewer Backup in Spanish Fork, UT, so that they can dispatch a crew to remedy the situation. If you're on a septic system of your own, you have to figure out whether you will be able to clean up the mess yourself and dispose of the sewage safely or whether you should bring in a professional sewer backup cleaning company.


Get your camera out. You'll need to take photos of the contaminated part of the house and write down any items that are damaged and/or need replacement. Your insurer will need this list -- and your insurer may refer you to a restoration company. Some insurance policies cover this cost, so be sure to act. Having sewage in your home is definitely a shocking development. Use these tips as you start to sort things out and clean up the Sewer Backup in Spanish Fork, UT.