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Superior Flood Response in Bountiful, UT

Superior Flood Response in Bountiful, UT


You did not ask to have flood show up on your doorstep, that's for sure. You have a great house and it represents one of the largest investments in your life. It is the place you enjoy your family and friends in and, now it has flood damage. It does not stop there, unfortunately. Floors can get warped, especially if you have wooden ones. If left to stand on these surfaces, the water will get in and make the wood swell, warp, discolor and make it almost impossible to clean unless you have equipment that most home owners do not have.


The water, again, if left on its own for very long begins to be absorbed into the building materials. This is especially noticeable in the drywall that composes most walls in the average home. This material will absorb so much water that it will often fall off of the studs it is fastened to. It falls and deteriorates and becomes a mess that can only be disposed of. An appropriate flood response gets us there as soon as possible to work on removing, not only the standing water through powerful vacuums, but also extracting large amount of often contaminated water form the carpets and area rugs with which you have lovingly decorated your home. Our Flood Response in Bountiful, UT does not end there.


Any damage, such as the building materials that are being decomposed as you and we stand there, must be removed through the process of deconstruction. This means the cutting out of several sections to remove this material that will continue to foster molds through its moist surfaces and disposing of them in the proper locations. We will also not consider the job finished until the entire structure is inspected, using special equipment, for molds that can float in on the water that came in. When found, this organism must be removed as well because, if left, can take over the entire house in less time that you may think. This is our Flood Response in Bountiful, UT 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for you.