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Specialist to Water Restoration in Sandy, UT

Specialist to Water Restoration in Sandy, UT


Water damage to your home can be caused by anything from floods to burst water pipes, and it can range in severity from minor to catastrophic. There are some water damage repairs you can do yourself, and others that require the attention of a water damage restoration specialist. So how can you tell the difference? You can't. It's impossible to assess water damage just by looking at the surface. The damage that water can do between your walls and under your floors can be devastating. It will destroy your drywall, ruin your electrical system, and turn your whole house into an unhealthy mold pit.


Even if you are an avid and experienced handyman, do not try Water Restoration in Sandy, UT until you have a professional water damage restoration company assess the situation. There are many home repairs you can do yourself by getting the information online, but water damage remediation is not one of them. At the very least, have a professional examine your property as soon as possible. Here's what you can do while you're waiting: Turn off the electricity! Water and electricity do not mix, and you can get electrocuted with just a wall socket and an inch of standing water.


Remove all furniture and loose items. Most furniture is made of wood, which can warp if not salvaged and dried out quickly. Get rid of the water as soon as you can; the longer it sits, the deeper the saturation. Water pumps can be bought or rented at hardware outlets. Thoroughly dry the property. This where you absolutely need a water damage restoration expert because undetected dampness can lead to mold and mildew growth. Water damage is a serious concern that can bring even more problems down the road. Hire a reputable Water Restoration in Sandy, UT professional for an assessment.