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South Jordan, UT Water Restoration



When heavy rains and high winds buffet your home for hours your basement may fill with water, causing water damage that is not easily restored by a homeowner. Whether the water entered your home through saturated soil or overloaded or improperly positioned rain gutters or downspouts you have a serious situation on your hands and will be looking for professional water damage restoration services. Hiring a South Jordan, UT Water Restoration expert to assist with these chores is wise as you may need special equipment and trained individuals to remove the water from your lower levels as well as design a plan to restore the premises to pre-storm conditions.


We have the proper equipment to extract standing water and lingering moisture from your home. If you have several inches of water in the basement submersible pumps may be needed to remove the majority of the water from the area. Once the pumps have done their job our staff will get busy with wet vacuuming systems, air movers and heaters, in some cases, to reduce the humidity level quickly. A moist environment can be a breeding area for mold and other contamination you want to avoid for the health of yourself and your family and we will dry things out swiftly to prevent this complication.


Once the moisture has been mitigated we will inspect the foundations, structures and mechanical systems in your lower levels to determine if your furnace or boiler, hot water heater and laundry appliances can be restored to use. Flooring and floor coverings will be evaluated to see if they can be dried and enjoyed again or if they need to be removed and replaced. Ceiling and walls, including insulation and wallpapers, will also be considered for South Jordan, UT Water Restoration. If furnishings and electronics are in the flooded area we will take steps to decide what can be salvaged and restored, with safety for you and your family being of the utmost concern.