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Sewer Backups in West Jordan, UT

Sewer Backups in West Jordan, UT


Sewer Backups in West Jordan, UT are an unfortunate but common fact of life. Towns and cities across America make every effort to ensure that these incidents don't happen, but they still do. Fortunately, with a little basic knowledge about sewers and how they work homeowners can maximize the chances that these problems won't happen to them and minimize their effects when they do. Sewers work on the principle of gravity. This means that much of what happens with a sewer system does so following the natural slope of the ground. City sewers are located from 8 to 15 feet below the surface of the ground. Some sewers are much deeper. Sewer backups happen most often as a result of some kind of blockage in the city system or the private lines that run from a home or building to the city system.


Sewer Backups in West Jordan, UT can be caused by many things that can happen to these lines. This includes, but is in no way limited to cracks or breaks in lines caused by the intrusion of tree roots, deterioration of facilities, sewer systems being overwhelmed by use, construction mishaps, and from factors emanating from homes or offices. In these later instances, problems can be caused by accumulations of grease and hair, solid materials, and other things that are too much for systems to handle.


In most cases, city systems will free themselves, simply escaping through the next possible opening. When blockages happen in homes or offices, they will normally cause Sewer Backups in West Jordan, UT to happen in places that are lower than or at equal heights as the city system. We know how these systems work, how to evaluate what the problems with your system lie, and how best to solve the crisis so that it has as little an effect on you as possible. The next time you suspect a sewer backup, call us for help.