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Sewer Backup in West Jordan, UT Prevention

Sewer Backup in West Jordan, UT Prevention


Experiencing a Sewer Backup in West Jordan, UT issue can be a messy and costly problem. The backup of sewage is a smell that may seem to linger in the air for days. Not to mention the hassle of trying to find someone to fix the nasty issue and make it go away. Before your sewer backup problems get to this point, it is a good idea to take precautions. There are ways to prevent this from happening before it is too late.


One way to keep your sewer from Sewer Backup in West Jordan, UT is to dispose of grease properly. When cooking it is not uncommon for people to pour the hot grease down the sink. This will cause issues in the sewer because the grease cools off and expands. The sewer line will become clogged up with the solid grease ball and it will cause a backup problem. Grease should be disposed of in a container once it is has cooled down. Then it can be put into the trash for your local trash to pickup. Anything type of liquid that can turn into a solid once cooled should also be disposed of the same way.


The next issue that can be hard on the sewer is branches and roots. It is best to keep all roots and greenery from growing near your septic area. If roots and twigs grow near the septic they will eventually find their way into the damp area of the pipes. This will cause cracks to become bigger and then sewer backup can occur. To save time and money don't allow anything to grow near the septic area. If you have any type of greenery, twigs or roots growing close to the septic location it would be best to remove it or transplant it somewhere else. Your septic and sewer pipes will last longer and work more efficiently. Call our Sewer Backup in West Jordan, UT today if you have any questions.