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Sewer Backup in Sandy, UT Needs Attention Immediately

Sewer Backup in Sandy, UT Needs Attention Immediately



There are many disasters that can occur that will make your home uncomfortable. One of these is a fire and another is a flood from a local stream or river; even a massive rain storm with the runoff getting into your basement. All of these can cause damage and contribute to mold growth, but a sewer backup will add another aspect to this damage. That additional aspect would be the unhealthy introduction of sewage into your home. This sewage, from a break in your sewer connection right outside the house or a clog in the line, backing all of this unsanitary mess into your home will bring diseases into your home and must be taken care of immediately.


A Sewer Backup in Sandy, UT is something that, if and when it occurs, simply must be dealt with before anything else can be thought about. This is why a restoration company, such as ours, be called. It does not matter what time of day or night because your health, and that of your family's, is in danger. The germs, bacteria and any allergens in this dirty water will insinuate itself into anything it touches. That means drywall, wooden floors, furniture and any clothing that is exposed to it. This will create a continuing danger if not dealt with quickly.


When we are called, we will immediately put a stop to the inflow of this contaminated liquid. We will then proceed with the restoration of your home to a healthy condition. This will mean inspecting the entire structure, while getting air movers working on removing the contaminated air from the house. Powerful vacuums will be used to collect and dispose of all liquid, while trained technicians will work to repair the damaged sewer lines, whether cleaning the clog or replacing pipes, as appropriate. Returning your home back to you in a clean, safe and healthy condition might entail removing contaminated building materials that have absorbed contaminated water. These will, of course have to be replaced with new material, prepared and painted to look as if this Sewer Backup in Sandy, UT did not happen.