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Sewer Backup in Orem, UT Caused By Many Things

Sewer Backup in Orem, UT Caused By Many Things


A sewer backup is something that many people, especially home owners really do not want to think about. When this occurs, it can turn the entire home into a very unhealthy place until it is taken care of properly. While most people do not want to think about it, they also do not wish to know what is in this dirty water and why it is coming into the house the way it does. A Sewer Backup in Orem, UT can be caused through the following events or conditions:


Root infiltration of the main drain lines from the house. Grease build up in the pipes that will not allow outflow to the sewer. Misaligned joints in the pipes due to construction or pother heavy loads pressing on the ground. Soil settlement which can cause the same thing. A pipe collapsing is very similar in that the dirty water can escape due to the restriction. Other things that have been flushed down a toilet or other drain that simply clogs the pipe enough that it backs up through that drain. Some of the dangerous things that can be in that water will include: Bacteria, Germs, Salmonella, Hepatitis. Other diseases and organisms that run through the sewer system on a daily basis. If this Sewer Backup in Orem, UT presents itself in a fairly contained space, such as a bathroom or kitchen, it can handled easily, but with a lot of attention to the dangers.


Removing any area or throw rugs and any other objects on the floor, for appropriate cleaning, and mopping up the mess with take care of this, after which, it will be critical to get a company to come and ensure there is no further damage. A plumber might be called to assure the piping is dealt with because there definitely was a problem that caused this. If, on the other hand, this sewer backup caused water to come into the rest of the home, a water damage repair and restoration company, such as ours, will have to be called. Our Sewer Backup in Orem, UT service is available on a 24 hour schedule and can take over from you with all of the equipment, experience and proper planning that is required for this true health emergency.