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Sewer Backup in Lehi, UT is an Emergency

Sewer Backup in Lehi, UT is an Emergency



A Sewer Backup in Lehi, UT can be a serious emergency that may occur unexpectedly. If you ever had a toilet back up and overflow, you understand the panic stricken feeling. A toilet that overflows more than once may require a snake to clear the line. When this problem becomes recurrent, the problem may actually be a sewer backup. The sewer line from the house to the outside of the house may be clogged. Another scenario is perhaps the line from your clean out drain to the main sewer line in the street may be the problem. This is when calling in a trained expert is necessary to identify the source of the problem.


Sewer Backup in Lehi, UT can be the result of an old infrastructure under the ground that is failing. Aging pipes and deteriorating soil erosion can lead to a shifting of the pipe under the grounds surface. Dips may develop in the pipe lines causing chronic sluggish spots along the course of the pipe length. Determining the location of the sewer backup is necessary to determine who has the financial responsibility associated with fixing the problem.


Under most circumstances, when the problem is on the property side, the home owner assumes full financial responsibility for the repair. If the problem is on the street side, the city or county is responsible for the repair cost. Given the expensive nature of Sewer Backup in Lehi, UT repairs, it is in everyone's best interest to rapidly identify the location of the problem and who must pay for the repair bill.