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Salt Lake City Water Damage Restoration



There are a lot of things that can happen that will cause water damage, so let's not even get into it. What matters is you have had a lot of water enter your home in an uncontrolled way. This could be from the roof, through the basement walls or even the back door, not to mention the front. What is needed, at this particular point, is the very specific Salt Lake City Water Damage Restoration that we offer and that must be started immediately. The reason for the rapid response you need is that all of that water, regardless of whether it is relatively clean or extremely filthy, is that it will begin to breakdown the integrity of the building materials your home is made from. The water, if allowed to stand for any length of time, will begin to soak into the drywall, wood furniture and certainly get in the carpets, especially under them and impact the integrity of any wood floors you have there.


If you are experiencing this kind of massive water invasion, give us a call. We will get there rapidly and get right to work. A quick, thorough inspection will help us, and you identify where the water is and what it is doing. It might be anywhere as it seeks its own level. You will find it primarily in the basement or crawlspace and in spaces that may be closed off, such as closets.


Placing air movers or large fans will help circulate the air and get rid of some of the worst smelling stuff. The standing water will be removed with specially designed wet vacuums that are attached to large containers in the truck outside. The moisture that can stay for a long time, if not dealt with can also help promote mold growth, so it needs to go as well. We deal with that as well as make the house look as if no water came in at all. Salt Lake City Water Damage Restoration requires a lot of things to happen, quickly and, with us, professionally.