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Your entire kitchen became flooded with water when the hose to the dishwater came loose. The excess water caused some damage to the kitchen floor tiles and floorboards. To prevent any further damage, it would be wise to contact us right away. Our team is highly experienced and will begin extracting excess water from the kitchen as soon as they arrive at your home. You can trust us to do the work because we have been in business for decades and offer top quality Salt Lake City, UT Water Restoration that you will not find with any other company in town.


Standing water can not only ruin the kitchen floor, it can also damage the lower kitchen cabinets, the items in those cabinets and can also cause mold and mildew to grow. To minimize the amount of damage, excess water must be removed from the affected area quickly. If you hire us, our team will work fast. Plus, they will use advanced Salt Lake City, UT Water Restoration equipment tools that will get rid of all standing water in a fast amount of time. You can rely on our highly skilled and well trained technicians to clean and restore your kitchen.


We offer top-rate services that will not be matched. Our crew will use powerful cleaning agents and disinfectants to fully clean and sanitize your kitchen after all water has been extracted. In addition, they top-grade drying and dehumidifying equipment will be used to remove any hidden pockets of moisture to keep mold ands bacteria from growing. If you are looking for high quality Salt Lake City, UT Water Restoration services that are unsurpassed, we urge you to give our reputable and reliable company a call today. We are highly dependable and offer 24-hour response services.