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Quick Flood Response in Lehi, UT



There are many reasons that you may experience what you could call flood damage to your home. It might have actually been a flood, from a local stream or river. It could have been a lot of rain and a soaked water table that will accept no more and it just comes into your house. It might also simply be a burst pipe, high enough in your home to cause problems for every other floor. Regardless of what happened, give us a call for the Flood Response in Lehi, UT that will be there almost before you know it.


The reason for this rapid response is that water can cause a lot of damage that will not get better until professionals get to work on it. Some of this damage is simply the odor that comes with the uncontrolled entry of water into places it should not be. Other damages that can be caused is the absorption of this water into drywall and ceilings as well as floors. This water can cause swelling and be the precursor of dry or wet rot if allowed to remain for a long time.


Other damage can be to clothing and things being stored. The worst of the damage can be something that is actually dangerous to your life and health. It is called, of course, mold. Mold needs only a few things in which to grow. Those things are water, even moisture, and this event can bring that in. Mold also needs organic material with which to fuel itself. Then it needs a relatively dark place. This requirement is satisfied as it can get behind walls, below floors and above ceilings where no one sees it until it is too late. If you have had a lot of water come into your house that you did not expect, give us a call. Our Flood Response in Lehi, UT team is ready when you are and we will come running because, our experience has shown us, time is not on your or our side when this happens.