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You may not even realize that areas of your roof have become compromised, letting water seep into your home to damage walls and ceilings. The first hint you might have that you need to stop leakage and investigate water damage repair is a musty smell or discoloration of wall coverings or bubbles in the sheet rook or plaster in a ceiling. Once you are aware that your roof is causing water to damage your home's interior your first step is to contract with a roofing company. Your second step should be to find a professional water damage restoration company to deal with the moisture that has been allowed to move into your home, damaging the structure and possibly feeding a mold outbreak. We are available within 24 hours for Provo, UT Water Damage Repair, inspect and offer a plan of action.


Working with our Provo, UT Water Damage Repair technicians is the sensible course of action when your home has suffered the effects of a roof leak. Water takes difficult to determine routes from a leaky roof into your home and it takes an experienced professional to discover all the areas that have been damaged by moisture. It is key to ensure that the leak has been contained before restoration takes place as any fixes made when there is still a chance of water infiltration will fail eventually.


We are trained in methods that thoroughly dry the areas moisture invaded and have the proper equipment to make certain that our strategies work well. It is essential to determine whether sub surfaces or insulation have been soaked to include them in the drying plan. If the water had been seeping in for a long time period there can be findings of rot, mildew and mold that may require the replacement of some structural components and the remediation of microbial overgrowth. Let us help craft a comprehensive plan to complete Provo, UT Water Damage Repair after your roof leaks.