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Proper Water Damage Restoration in Orem, UT

Proper Water Damage Restoration in Orem, UT


No matter why your home has water damage, we are there for you 24 hours a day. Let's look at what can happen during a flood, a leaky roof, a leaking pipe or even a leaking faucet or water heater. Water Damage Restoration in Orem, UT companies, such as ours, will be necessary for the restoration that is needed. Water cascading down through a roof that has been overcome by rain or other weather condition will fall down the sides of the house, through the attic, down the walls, often in between them and moving through ceilings, floors and everything in between the roof and the basement. This also means closets, with all of that nice clothing and all the furniture, lovingly purchased and taken care of until this disaster.


The water will weaken ceilings, get absorbed into drywall and anything else it comes into contact with. There will be water behind walls, above ceilings and under floors at this point. The carpets will become soaked and, in some cases, depending on the quality of construction, they may begin to break down. Even if the water, that does not belong there, comes from a leaking pipe, there are problems because, whatever is around that pipe will get wet. The same problems with the wallboard is a constant in this case. The building materials will absorb water, get soaked and swell. They will, in many cases, begin to fall off of the studs they have been attached to.


Leaking or broken faucets, water heaters and/or appliances will also spread water around the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. This will allow water to be soaked into anything it touches and will assist in spreading another organism that can take over your home in less than a few days. That growth will be mold and all it takes is moisture, brought by the water,, dark conditions, often found in walls and closed closets and organic material which is the building materials that you have all over the structure. We are available 24 hours per day to come in and inspect, locate and remove, as well as Water Damage Restoration in Orem, UT that is found, again, no matter where it is.