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Mold Removal in Lehi, UT

Mold Removal in Lehi, UT


Mold is a fungus that naturally grows outdoors, but there are times when it finds its way inside. Mold can not only be a nuisance/but may also pose serious health risks. Prolonged mold exposure has been linked to breathing disorders such as Asthma and is also thought to be linked to several types of respiratory infections. There are many different types of mold that range in severity. The most commonly known type of mold is mildew, which is often seen in damp areas such as bathrooms and can easily be cleaned using bleach solutions. Other types of mold, however, are found in less accessible areas and cause damage to wood as well as posing a serious health risk. Often mold is the result of water damage. Below are several key factors for Mold Removal in Lehi, UT.


If mold is suspected, check to see if there is water damage. Also check to see if there is discoloration of the walls, ceiling, and floors. There may also be a foul, musty odor present. If the source of suspected mold cannot be determined or the damage appears to be excessive, professional testing may need to be done. The affected area may need to be closed off in order to prevent spreading of mold spores to other areas. Protective clothing and equipment should be worn at all times.


Mold occurs as a result of moisture. The moisture source needs to be removed immediately. If there is a leak, it needs to be fixed so that the mold can be safely removed and further problems can be prevented. Wood damaged by water and mold needs to be removed and the affected surfaces need to be properly cleaned. Heating and air conditioning units may also need to be checked for spores and cleaned. A wet/dry vacuum may be used at this time to ensure that all of the mold spores are removed. HEPA filters may also be used to ensure the mold spores are cleaned from t he air. After Mold Removal in Lehi, UT is completed, the affected area will need to dry completely so that more mold does not develop. If mold is suspected it is imperative to have it removed immediately. The longer mold spores have to spread, the more dangerous the situation becomes.