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Mold Mitigation in Draper, Utah




Acquiring mold, through the introduction of mold spores, found in nature all around you and present even in your home at this point, means that you need to take the steps to get a mold removal company working on your side. These mold spores are microscopic, meaning they can fly in on the wind through open doors and windows. They can be on pet’s hair, fur and on people’s clothing. They come in and are attached to whatever surface they land on. These spores will also come in through water that is allowed to enter in an uncontrolled way, such as from flooding, rain leaking through the roof and any other event that allows water to enter.


A mold removal company, such as ours, can come in and find out where the spores have gone and remove them and make your house healthy again. Mold Mitigation in Draper, UT is a little deeper than this. This names the processes that are undertaken to help prevent further contamination of your home or commercial building of this dangerous naturally occurring element. Obviously you want both of these techniques used when you have a mold problem in your home. Mold can cause and/or aggravate severe medical conditions and make your home, not only unhealthy, but also quite uncomfortable to be in.


Molds will get into all building materials, especially if the spores come in through the action of a flooding event. The water, and the molds it is carrying, will get into everything it reaches. This means into and under as well as behind everything. Many homes we inspect have this dangerous fungus growing inside the walls made from drywall or even wood. Finding all of the many spaces molds will be takes the trained, experienced, insured and bonded personnel we employ that takes care of your possessions just as if it were theirs. Finding this fungus, as well as all of the water damage that accompanies it and removing it is our main task. Preparing the surfaces we clean so that it is harder for molds to take hold, again, is what you need from us and our Mold Mitigation in Draper, UT deliver, as we have for many years on a 24/7 basis.