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Lehi, UT Water Damage Repair



If your home is situated near a stream or river you may experience flooding during certain times of the year. Snow pack spring melt or heavy rains can send water over the banks of local waterways straight into your basement or lower levels. A speedy response to such a disaster is crucial as the water flooding into your home may be contaminated or become dirty if it stands for days without pumping or extraction. We pledge to be on site within 24 hours of your flooding crisis ready to develop a professional plan that will not only deal with the intrusion of water but also will restore the structure and contents of your home to a pre-disaster condition.


Although you may be able to deal with minor water leakage into your basement after a heavy rain, if you are experiencing significant flooding you need the advice and help of a professional Lehi, UT Water Damage Repair. The amount of water that fills you basement or finished lower level during flooding will need pumping to remove, and you will need your mechanical systems inspected to ensure they can safely continue their jobs of heating your home, providing hot water and washing and drying your clothing. If your basement or lower level contains living spaces it will be crucial to determine if the flooring, floor coverings and furnishings can be restored so that you and your family can continue living safely in these areas.


Our team is able to remove moisture effectively using fans and heaters after the water extractors have done their job. Our goal is to restore your home and its contents so that you barely know the flooding even damaged your basement and contents. We are trained and certified in industry leading techniques to make this happen even after the terrifying and destructive action of the flooding. Call our Lehi, UT Water Damage Repair right away to get your home back to normal as soon as possible.