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How to Perform Mold Removal in South Jordan, UT

How to Perform Mold Removal in South Jordan, UT


When you spot mold growing in your home, your first reaction is to get rid of it. It's not practical; however, to remove it yourself as you do not know if it's toxic or not. Toxic mold can make you and your family sick and sometimes there is just too much to safely remove on your own. Mold Removal in South Jordan, UT guidelines state it is safe to perform mold removal of areas measuring one square meter by three square meters by yourself. Areas larger than this should be removed by a professional. If you choose to do this there are steps to follow:


You should perform a test to find out if the mold is toxic. There are kits you can purchase to test the mold, or call a professional water damage company who is trained in Mold Removal in South Jordan, UT.  Before you begin cleaning the area make sure you are properly protected. Disturbing the mold will release mold spores into the air which can worsen allergy or asthma symptoms and make your family sick. Enclose the area in plastic and be sure to wear a face mask. Turn off all ventilation such as air conditioner, furnace, and any fans you have running.  Using an ordinary household detergent , wash and dry the area thoroughly. Check the area again the next day to ensure there are no particles remaining. Small particles are known as mold dust and are just as dangerous as the mold itself.


If the area is clean, but stained, you can paint over it with a good latex paint. If you are not sure what caused the mold to develop or what the cause of moisture buildup is, you should contact a professional to perform an inspection and possibly repair. Contact a professional Mold Removal in South Jordan, UT within 24 to 48 hours after first signs of mold growth to avoid extensive molding.