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Flood Response in Provo, UT Well Treated

Flood Response in Provo, UT Well Treated


Our technicians have seen a lot of flood damage. We have responded homes that have had rivers or streams overflowing their banks and houses where the roof has caved in because of the rain. We have seen flood damage that has made all of the drywall, in just about every room, mush and not even being able to stay attached to the studs behind them. All of our technicians have seen what would happen to their own homes if the proper, and timely, Flood Response in Provo, UT was not forthcoming.


For all of those reasons, we know what would happen to your home if we are able to come when you call our Flood Response in Provo, UT. We know the heartbreaking reactions to seeing the walls tumbling down and the mold that can take over your home in as few as 24 hours. We have seen this, in person and know that we are right in keeping to a 24 hour a day work schedule.


We know, based on experience that the first thing that need to happen is a complete inspection of the entire house. We would want to happen in our house if worse comes to worse. We will look in all of the usual places you would imagine damage. That would mean the basement, all closets and any spaces that are not usually open. We will then, because we know that this is what we would want to happen, use special equipment that can sniff out hidden water, such as behind those walls, above the ceilings and even under the floors. Our Flood Response in Provo, UT will locate the presence of molds and the conditions that will assist on its growth and remove this dangerous organism and the water that feeds it. We will treat your home as if it were ours because, unfortunately, flood damage may happen to us at some point in time and we will know exactly how you feel.