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Flood Damage in Sandy, UT Happens Anytime

Flood Damage in Sandy, UT Happens Anytime


Your house or commercial building can experience flood damage at just about anytime during the day or night. It has been our experience that it seldom happens during the daylight hours when most plumbers and contractors are available, That is why our flood response is set up on a 24 hours a day schedule. We know what can happen within only a few hours if the proper response is not taken quickly. Flood Damage in Sandy, UT can occur in many ways. There is always the possibility of a burst pipe or the water heater leaking. Just a leaky faucet can make a mess that can spread across the floor and, if this occurs on an upper level, to many floors underneath the leak. The likelihood of a torrential downpour, due to a storm in the area, is always a danger as well.


The reason an appropriate flood response is needed is that Flood Damage in Sandy, UT done from all of this water, coming into your home, will have a detrimental effect on it. One of those is the drywall and wood construction elements can absorb so much water, even after only a few hours, that they can swell and even fall off of the attaching points, such as the studs and other places. The presence of this much water will also promote the growth of molds. Since this water will get everywhere it can, it will be behind walls, beneath floors and above ceilings. That means that this, too, must be removed and preparations that resist future growth must be accomplished.


Removing the standing water means using powerful vacuums, squeegees and a lot of elbow grease. It means setting up a number of large air movers or fans to evacuate the bad air, now possibly laden with that earthy, musty smell that is always associated with wet things, out of the building. The removal of any presence of molds will take place at the same time and encompass all areas where this is found. Again, with our trained, insured and bonded Flood Damage in Sandy, UT technicians, this can happen in the middle of the night, if necessary.