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Flood Damage in Orem, UT

Flood Damage in Orem, UT



You will find that there are many reasons for flood damage in and to your home. You have probably read many accounts in the newspaper about storms, rising rivers and even something as simple as a badly repaired roof or frozen pipes causing many hundreds or thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. What may not have been in those accounts is the other damage that can be called Flood Damage in Orem, UT because this is what caused them. Some of that other damage can be:


 The musty, earthy smell that can get onto everything, even materials that are not exposed to the rising water. Molds that have come in on the water because the spores that these molds grow from are all over the place, outside of your home and also inside, already but simply dormant, for now. The water that comes into your home or is leaking from a pipe already there will become absorbed into most of the building materials you have in your home. The drywall, wood items, such as baseboards, furniture and doors will also become soaked if the water stays there for any length of time. That is why time is of the essence so that smell can be eliminated.


The timely flood response is crucial if you are to have the best chance at getting your home back to a healthy condition. As more and more water is absorbed into the structure, the more and more it deteriorates. The wallboard can swell and fall off the studs. Door frames will become warped and refuse to shut. Wood floors will cloud, then warp and mold will work on these very beautiful pieces of nature making them useless after a fairly short amount of time. Flood Damage in Orem, UT can come from many different sources and with many different results. The rapid flood response you need can come from the company that has been doing this for many years and knows that, to wait, only creates more problems for you.