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Fast Flood Response in Sandy



There is absolutely nothing funny about a flood happening in your home. It could be the result of an actual flood from a stream, river or from an overflowing sewer, even a back up in the septic tank in your own backyard. It might happen because of a burst pipe or a broken casing or loose pipe on your water heater. The thing is that a flood is uncontrolled water being introduced into your home. That is the biggest reason why you need the appropriate Flood Response in Sandy and that is what we provide.


One of the reasons that we have to be fast is that the flood damage can be very far reaching. The potential of this flows along with the water and can often be hidden behind walls, under floors and above ceilings. It can get under cupboards, beds, and inside closets. The largest danger is the warping of wood floors, the absorption of this water, in the case of sewer water, into furniture and drywall. The most dangerous element of ll of this, if it happens, is the introduction and growth of molds.


Mold spores are everywhere outside and they are microscopic. They will float in on the air and in the water and the water is what they need to grow. The other things they need is a dark, warm place, without sunshine. These spaces can be found - you guessed it – behind walls, under floors and above ceilings. That is why our technicians will need to be competent. They will need to use all of the equipment available to locate the mold, the presence of hidden water and even moisture. We have to be thorough because since flood damage can be far and wide in your home, our Flood Response in Sandy needs to be as far and wide in our attentions to detail to find and eliminate it for your safety and health.