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Eco-friendly Mold Removal in Orem, UT

Eco-friendly Mold Removal in Orem, UT


Mold is a major nuisance in most homes that tends to blacken decks, grout lines in the shower, sidings and causes damp wood to rot. It also grows on fruits and vegetables. When the microscopic spores are released to the air, they affect the health of the home dwellers by causing allergic reactions, sneezing and running nose. It is almost impossible to have a home free of mold infestations and this therefore means that you should always be doing inspections in order to remove them before they get out of hand. Mold Removal in Orem, UT can be performed by using homemade techniques but serious precautions should be applied. If you suffer from allergies or have an immune system that is weak, then you should only hire professionals to do the job for you. The following are some of the Eco-friendly techniques you can apply in mold removal and mitigation.


This is an ingredient that is already there in your kitchen that brings great tastes to meals and perfect Mold Removal in Orem, UT. Vinegar can be used to kill different species of mold since it acidic in nature. What you will have to do is spray the vinegar on the surface affected by mold and leave it for about an hour. Finally, use clean water to wipe the area and leave it to dry. You can also mix the vinegar with baking soda for better results. This product usually has a strong scent that can be removed by wiping the area with lemon.


This is a more expensive solution compared to the others but it is highly effective. Mix one teaspoon of the oil with one cup of water and spray directly to the mold spores. Leave it to sit and do not rinse the area. Just like vinegar, tea tree oil has a very strong scent but you do not have to worry about it because it will disappear in a few days. If you need any help with Mold Removal in Orem, UT call us today.