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Draper, UT Water Damage




Whether it is a flood or burst pipes, no property owner wants to get that call about water damage to a building. Some might wonder if the tenants should be held responsible for the damage, and repairs may be delayed while the two parties argue over the responsibility. The best course of action, however, is to contact a professional for Draper, UT Water Damage repair before determining who is to blame.


If the lease or rental agreement does not specify, property owners are generally responsible for maintenance and repairs on pipes and plumbing. Landlords should also flood-proof properties as much as possible. Yet, even if the tenants were responsible for causing the damage -- for example, through misuse or neglect of the utilities or by failing to inform the landlord of early, minor leaks -- it is still in the landlord's best interest to have the damage repaired as soon as possible.


If left untended for long periods of time, water damage may lead to mold growth. This can result in further damage and costly repairs to the property over the long term, particularly with drywall, carpeting, and hard wood flooring. Mold, damp walls or floors, and other related problems may also render the space uninhabitable for the tenants due to health and safety issues. If the water damage was caused by the tenants, the landlord should have the repairs and restoration completed first -- this leaves time and peace of mind for the landlord to collect evidence and bill the tenants for the costs if necessary. Immediate, professional Draper, UT Water Damage restoration doesn't just benefit the tenants in the short term, it helps keep the property in good condition long after the temporary users are gone.