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Dealing With Sewer Backup in Sandy, UT



Having this unfortunate problem generally happens when heavy rains flood sanitary sewer lines or foreign objects, grease, and hair blocks drains. Until this problem is solved all water usage must be stopped. If it is due to storm water it just must be allowed to subside over time but if it is a clogged drain, most must be opened by an experienced plumber. When Sewer Backup in Sandy, UT occurs indoors the overflowing drains will cause surfaces to become very contaminated with dangerous viruses and bacteria. It is very easy to sanitize tile floors, sinks, and bathtubs but you will have to clean the walls and carpeting or have them replaced by a professional.


When dealing with Sewer Backup in Sandy, UT, the first thing to do is determine what caused the backup. When it is a complete sewer backup using do-it-yourself remedies like liquid drain cleaners and plungers are usually not effective. You will usually require the services of a professional, experienced plumber if the backup is caused by foreign objects, grease, or tree roots. Many professional plumbers will use a special video inspection tool to determine what is causing the sewer backup before making any repairs.


To destroy the source of the clog they will generally use a sharp rotary tool to move it safely out of the drain after destroying it. If it due to a crushed pipe they must be replace. A plumber cannot remedy backups that are caused by flood waters. If the carpet is highly contaminated it will need to be professionally cleaned or replaced. To help prevent Sewer Backup in Sandy, UT not caused by a flood, be careful what you are putting in your drain. Make sure that you run hot water through your pipes a few times a week to help clear out the drains. When there is a sewer backup make sure that you deal with it immediately.