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Complete Mold Mitigation in Bountiful, UT

Complete Mold Mitigation in Bountiful, UT


Mold spores, from which mold growth comes , is all around. It is outside and is microscopic. For that reason, it can float on the air currents and can come inside easily through open doors and windows. It only needs moisture and a lack of sun light to grow. That means it can hiding in the basement, inside walls and in closets, especially in areas that do not get a lot of fresh air. Mold Mitigation in Bountiful, UT is not only a science, but also a necessity when you smell the earthy, musty smell that probably indicates the presence of this dangerous organism. A good portion of the time, mold spores not only come in on the wind, but also can be introduce into your home through flood waters from a local stream or river. It can come in through leaks in your roof during a rain storm. Any mold that is present, and dormant, can be activated by the presence of water from a leaking faucet, pipe or water heater.


These are many of the reasons that mold removal must be attended to as soon as it is discovered or even suspected. Mold Mitigation in Bountiful, UT, on the other hand, is something a step above this process. When we are called in to handle the mold removal, we so do in several steps. The first one, of course, is a complete inspection of the structure to determine where is and where it is hiding. We search, not only for the mold, itself, but also in the areas that can harbor the spores and the conditions that make growth possible. This means behind walls, above the ceilings and below the floors.


We get massive air movers working to eliminate the spores and other gasses from the air into the outside environment. We then remove the molds present and also remove the water and moisture that will keep them growing. Mold Mitigation in Bountiful, UT often means tearing out building materials that have been contaminated and disposing of them. After the mold removal, we enter the mold mitigation phase which is the treatment of all surfaces with compounds that prevent the growth from occurring and assisting you in ensuring the proper moisture levels for your home going forward.