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Bad Flood Damage in West Jordan



What is called flood damage can take the form of many events. The reason behind calling something a flood is simply because of the amount of uncontrolled water that is being introduced into your home in a relatively short period of time. It can actually be a flood from a local river or stream or a baked up sewer connection. If it is from a river or other local body of water it might contain anything that it encounters from where it was to your house. This may mean leaves and limbs or animal excrement that it runs over or through. If it is from a sewer back, it could contain many diseases that you would just as soon not have in your home. That means, in either case, that rapid flood response is appropriate and that is what we offer.


After the Flood Damage in West Jordan arrives, no matter where it comes into you home, there is the danger of it infecting, not only anyone living there, but also any organic material you have. This means walls and wood furniture. It also means clothing, carpets and anything within its reach, as in, anything on the floor and in the lower floors if it comes to you into an upper floor, such as water heater bursting.


Our Flood Damage in West Jordan team shows up very quickly after you call us and we get right to work. This means getting all of the equipment set up fast so there is minimal danger occurring while we are on the job. We begin the process by setting up air mover, or large fans to evacuate the earthy smelling sir from the home even as we begin to vacuum the standing water out. The air is then treated with dehumidifiers to help dry it out as we continue to mop up any remaining water. We use special equipment o detect hidden water, behind walls, under floors and above ceilings, because that is wher molds could grow in worst cases. Our flood response is fast, thorough and ready when you need us.