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You probably already know what is in a Sewer Backup in Orem, UT. Lets review. That sewer pipe that runs down the street right in front of your house is full of dirty water. It is not so much that it is dirty water, it is also contaminated water. The contamination is composed of germs, bacteria, allergens and, if you have a sewer backup and are not lucky, it also has many different types of diseases in it. Just image everything that is flushed down your drains and multiply that to encompass all of the houses and commercial properties on the same main line.


This mixture of very unhealthy elements will come up through your bathtub or toilet drain because these are the lowest entry points to you home for this dirty water that should be going the other way. It can make your home very uncomfortable and make you ready to give us a call, immediately. There are many things that must be done, quickly. The first thing that needs to be done, of course, is the repair of any pipes that had to burst to make this sewer backup come into your home. This may mean repairing the pipe or replacing it, which is the superior remedy. It could also mean replacing ant fixtures that this pipe is connected to, for example a toilet or even a sink.


This has to happen very quickly because the damage that can happen to other parts of your house is already happening. This filly water can get absorbed into any organic items it comes into contact with. This means drywall, wood floors and furniture and, of course, carpets and area rugs. The steps that occur after this all happen at much the same time as it is all critical. The standing contaminated water is removed and all surfaces are cleaned and dried. Things that can not be cleaned will be noted and removed or disposal. The bad air can be evacuated from the home with large air movers and dehumidifiers are set up to finish the job of drying your home out. Call our Sewer Backup in Orem, UT company today.